Who We Are

Clarence Beck


Co-Owner, Long Acre Potato Farms

"Dad is constantly moving.  I've never met anyone who works harder," says son, Bryan.  For over 50 years Clarence has worked every single moment to build Long Acres into the successful operation that it is today.  Clarence pushes each and everyone around him including himself to constantly learn and make the operation more efficient and effective.  

Clarence is married to Doris Horner.  They have 3 children, and 10 grandchildren.  Clarence served on Ag-Choice Farm Credit Board of Directors, and other local and church boards.

If you ever have a chance to talk to Clarence, ask him about his weather prediction model.

Bryan & Heidi Beck


Co-Owner, Long Acre Potato Farms

President - Long Acres, Inc.

The entire farming industry is getting more challenging as the cost of equipment and resources gets higher and higher, “The reality of today’s market says you have to be diversified…and minimize your risk exposure...through use of technology, skilled labor, being open minded, planning and sound management."   "Most of all surround yourself with partners who will help you succeed."  

Bryan met his wife Heidi Harpster at Penn State where they both earned B.S. degrees from the College of Agriculture Science; they have four great daughters.  Bryan is active growing great kids and great crops!  He serves on many local , state and national boards.  Bryan enjoys spending time with his family, chasing kids down the ski slopes, PSU football, traveling and continually reading and learning.

Our Sales Team

Leanne Aaron

Long Acres Potato Farms

Long Acres, Inc.

Office Manager / Sales Vice President


Bryan Beck

Long Acres Potato Farms

Long Acres, Inc.

Long Acres Logistics


Sales Representative

Benji Conover

Long Acres, Inc

Soil & Fertility Expert & Consultant

Agroliquid Sales

Denny Stahl

Long Acres, Inc.


Enduraplas and NMC-Wollard Equipment




Jeffrey Bauer & Zach Brooks

Service and Warranty Leads

Tommy Nagle

Long Acres, Inc.

Sales Representative

Corteva Pioneer, Agroliquid Fertilizer, Kverneland Tillage, Enduraplas


Operations Team

Jeffrey Bauer

Operations, Fleet and Service

Vice President

Customer Service 

Brian Cangelo

Operations, Production, and Warehousing Manager

Customer Service

Carol Marshal

Food Safety, Compliance, and Freshpack Manager

Customer Service & Quality Control

Bob Zuck

Long Acres Logistics

Fleet Manager

Long Acres Potato Farms

Production and Operations Manger

Customer Service

Zach Brooks

Crop Application Manager

Operations, Production and Warehousing Lead

Customer Service

Alisha Zuck

Precision Agriculutre / Encirca Lead

Quality Control

Customer Service Manager

Ed Zuck

Long Acres Logistics

Customer Service & Fleet Care Manager

Clarence Beck

Senior Partner

Chief Trainor, Coach & Mentor